What Is The Malek Golden Award?

In keeping with the high standards of the J. J. Malek South Pacific Grand Slam Award, the Malek family has created an additional award to be presented for extraordinary achievement to any hunter who has taken all 14 species of South Pacific big game under FREE RANGE and FAIR CHASE conditions see Rules #10 and #16.

This coveted Award was presented for the first time ever, to a Texas resident, Jim Brockie, on February 14, 1992, at the Dallas Safari Club Annual Convention Banquet in Dallas, Texas.

The Malek Award trophy incorporates a spectacular bronze around its base which was exclusively designed and sculpted by the world renowned sculpture and artist, Larenzo Ghiglieri, from Portland, Oregon. The magnificent bronze depicts four of the regional animals of the South Pacific: the Asiatic Buffalo, Tahr, Rusa Deer and Sambar Deer.

How Can I Win The Malek Award?

Here is a simple outline of the necessary requirements for winning the Malek Award.

  • Collect all 15 species of the South Pacific big game animals legally and in compliance with the existing national and regional game laws.
  • Observe all the rules set down by the Malek Award Charter.
  • Conduct all hunts in an ethical and sportsman-like manner.
  • Make certain that the guide or outfitter with whom you book your hunt is an accredited member of the M.A.A. This will eliminate additional fees for you. Hunts booked with non M.A.A member guides and outfitters, may also qualify for the Malek Award, provided you pay a fee of US$150 to the M.A.A with your application for each animal taken with a non M.A.A guide or outfitter.